Thursday, 5 November 2009

I wanted to put a blinky thing on here and a link to a very clever ladies blog but as usual I don't know how to do it so I'm going to copy and paste the link in and hope it works!! there are lots of fab goodies on this ladies site so have a look sometime......

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Well I'm not sure, but I think I may have slipped into digital cardmaking or something, I've been off all week and done nothing but muck about with the various packages I have, this card looked ok on the screen but its not much in the flesh, I like the design side of digi work but not the finished article so much, having said that I'm no good at it... and it shows, I don't really know where I'm going with this but it seemed as if you could produce quick cards this way, turns out they're just as involved as anything on the Cricut really so I'm just going to enjoy playing with the various bits and bobs I have to hand, will have to invest in some tutorial cds for Paint Shop Pro x cos that baffles the life out of me!!
this has all been done in My Craft Studio with lots of elements from outside too, I did cut out the flowers cos it just looked too flat, anyway, this card is for me gorgeous daughter and please note NO RIBBON!! well I nearly put some on but resisted :(

This is another card using the various packages to make the picture on the front exactly as I wanted it, the couple having the baby are unknown to me so thought I'd better keep it simple but personalise it with their names, they know its a boy but thought I'd play safe just in case!! my baby was supposed to be about 7lbs she eventually emerged 9lb 4oz so doctors don't know EVERYTHING!! looking at this picture has made me realise how bad it is, what was I thinking? should have got my cricut out methinks!!

Sorry peeps, I've done this back to front again, the explanation is in the wrong place but if you're interested please read the next couple of posts, I'll try and get it right next time, but don't hold your breath!!
Finally.... this card is what I designed for the troops to send home to their loved ones and friends, I thought the image appropriate without being too depressing? the guns are pointing to the words to 'soften' the image a little, I showed the original to my SIL and she said it was a bit to 'moving' but she's far to polite to say its to 'bleak' maybe? but I took her point and made the background blue instead of the original grey, I'm still not sure if they are ok but went with my gut feeling that a lot of blokes don't want flowers and slushy stuff even if they are big softies underneath! DH say's they're alright so thats good enough for me cos he's 'well ard' hee hee...
so, if I get a load of abusive letters I'll know I got it wrong!

I did this one for the Manager at the local Matalan store who was extremely generous when I spent all the money I'd collected on warm socks, I was told by an ex serviceman that its flippin freezing at night out there and warm socks would be more appreciated than sweets etc! anyway the very nice man at Matalan pretty much doubled the amount of socks I bought so I thought a card was definitely in order!!

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well... I recently got involved with collecting for Christmas boxes for our troops in Afghanistan, I only had a week and was so pleased with the efforts some people put in I felt I should make a card for them, they're nothing outstanding but as I am using the packages I have I thought I'd show you what I'd done!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Here's a card I did for a lovely man at work who retired recently, as usual I made the card and forgot all about an envelope to fit it, I think I made a box for it but can't remember now!!

Monday, 14 September 2009

just a little message for my beautiful daughter, I love you Lou, and thanks for being the wonderful kind, caring person you are, you're all the things I never was :) xx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hello lovely peeps, here's a card I made for my lovely DH, yes I made him one this year, he sits and watches me make cards for all and sundry and I never get time to make him one, so this year I made myself make time for him!! its a side waterfall thingy, with pics of all the birds in our garden, he spends hours of his time feeding all the birds and we're rewarded with visits from loads of different species, I must make sure I don't lapse again, he is a wonderful husband and takes care of all his 'birds'!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

I feel like Mystic Meg on here sometimes except I don't have a crystal ball and don't know if there's anyone out there, ah well I'll just assume there is and waffle on accordingly!! well here's my first attempt at decoupage, deco page or whatever its called, I thought I'd give it a try and its not too bad, I did this for a friend just to say thank you for inviting us to their bbq last weekend! she seemed to like it according to her DH..

Thursday, 20 August 2009

There's a funny story behind this card, well it's funny NOW, but at the time I could have strangulated myself for my own stupidity!! I had a request for this card and had months in which to make it, left it till the last minute and then made it last week, just the box to do and voila! I was also making the big black and white card for Carolyn (next post) so stuff everywhere, (come on own up you're just as bad!!) so I decided to try out my new glimmer mist in peacock green or something, so I sprayed it onto some cardstock and thought, ang on... where's the fabulous colour? you're way ahead of me aren't you, YES, I'd got the nozzle the wrong way round and sprayed all over the heart card and splattered the B&W card too, ARGHHHHHH what a numpty! I couldnt believe my eyes (or stupidity) when they shouted 'BRAINS' I thought they said 'STRAINS' and shot to the back of the queue!! I wanted thick HAIR and a thin BODY and wrong queue's again!!! I digress, so... I immediately threw a tantrum and ripped all the bits off the card for salvage, and had to start again!! I'm going to call it a 'happy accident' cos I wasnt struck on the first one anyway, it was tooooo pink, the lady wanted pink with butterfly's but I thought it was too much and sprayed it with green ink deliberately, so nurghh!! by the way, I've already thanked the very talented Tracey Gough for this beautiful design, but another mention won't go amiss!! to see the original one she designed please look on her blog, its full of wonderful creations she's an inspiration to a very lot of people, thanks Tracey xx

I made this one for a chap at work, he wanted something different in lemon colours so I did this and I think this is ok but I'm not very good at these cards, I'm not sure what I'm any good at but it certainly isnt this!! never mind, I enjoyed doing it and the beading was interesting on vellum!! I thought I'd be a clever dick and see if I could put something in the comments box and it let me, I naturally put something modest!!!!! and now I don't know how to get rid of it... looks really sad when you have to leave YOURSELF some nice comments, anyone know how to get rid of it please??

Here's another little name book, I think I may have posted this already so apologies if I have, if I haven't HERE IT IS :)

and here's one I made earlier, this is actually my 2nd A4 card, I thought this one looked ok cos you can't go wrong with black and white can you? it always looks classy no matter how bad your card making is! this black glitter paper was something my lovely SD wrapped a pressie for her dad in, and being the little cracker she is she thought of me and made him open his pressie VERY carefully, mind you he's one step ahead of her and was already smiling cos he knew I was licking my lips when I saw it! I'm sooooooo easy!! don't know how long it'll stay stuck to the card but I never said the cards would last forever!! If you look really hard you can probably see the green speckles from my 'little accident'


and here is the guilty party, the first A4 card I made, this is for my SS and I wanted to make sure he couldn't possibly hide the 30 part of the card behind anything on the mantlepiece.... being an old fart has its compensations, you get to take the peece out of the kids as they progress into middle age... ha ha ha can't imagine what they'll say when I get to 4o erm yeah right!!

Hello girls, (sorry is that a bit sexist?) and boys too! well I hope you are all well, and keeping busy with crafting projects... I've been fairly busy too and am pleased with this little 'number' the girl I keep calling Tracy who is actually Hayley (she does my hair for me, luverly girl ) wanted a special card for a new arrival, I suggested a name book but she wanted pockets so I devised this for her! its all cut on my cricut... the baby girls name is Madison, I hope you can see from pic??? and there are lots of pockets and spaces for her mum to put pictures on, I'm secretly pleased with myself on this occasion but don't worry I shan't make a habit of getting to chuffed with myself!! I may put pics of the pages on later for my own vanity of course but obviously a certain amount of begging on your part would help speed up the process :)

Here's a card I did for a friend to give to her SIL, Annettes fav colours are dusty pinks and browns so this paper seemed to fit the bill, I decided instead of glitter I'd sew beads on and it looks ok to me! I've put SOME glitter on and a bit of bling of course! I've only made a couple of A4 cards but they're not as bad as I thought so hope my friend likes this card!!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Blinkin eck!! I still havent got my head round this blog malarkie have I... I put the posts on and then when I read what I've written, its all back to front, A... about face and doesn't make any sense! and if it doesn't make any sense to me what on earth will all my ficticious followers make of it? :) I really must make up some more names of avid followers!!! oh well, if you ARE real and on here reading all this garbage, good luck, hope you can make head of tail of it and THANKS FOR DROPPING BY!!
This picture should have been in the previous/next/wherever post but some idiot la la lalala la la put it here in the WRONG place.... now WHO could have done such a stupid thing... hmmmmm!

this is another card for the same girl (Hannah) but not so elaborate, just a little card from my friend Suzi to send to her daughters best friend, I found out after I'd made the other card that her favourite colour is yellow and her fav band is Panadol or something beginning with 'P' ( I'd probably need a couple of Panadol's if I heard the band!!) so the card is covered in a print of the front of the bands album which I'm presuming is called Riot!!!! luckily it sort of lead to a yellowy kind of colour so hopefully that'll go down well too!!
I'm also pleased to say that Meggie, (2 of my previous efforts for Suzi) was chuffed to bits with her cards so that made all the effort well worth it!!

Evening all, is there anybody there??? nah didnt think so! so as usual chatting to myself again.. here's a card I did for another young lady approaching 16 and one of her favourite bands is 'Hey Monday' the lead singer is Cassadee (I think, can't remember now) so did a waterfall card in a trifold card but it was too fat to shut (know the feeling!) so had to put a ribbon closure on and it got a bit 'messy' after that! never mind hoping she'll like it anyway, I kinda liked the box best but should have put the ribbon on the pocket on reflection! don't think birthday cards are top of the list for most 16 year olds, isnt it telling us old farts how little we know and how much they DO know!! ah bless their little cotton socks they have so much to learn... hee hee!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hello there me hearty's, ok ok I'll post the pictures of the waterfall book now so you can stop ringing and emailing me to hurry up!! :)

Isn't this Hippo just the cutest little Hippo ever, ahh!!

see next post for the rest of the book!

Strewth I'm exhausted now! I've made more cards this week than ever, only 4 more to go and then I'm having a break.... ha ha ha ha ASIF!! these two are for a soon to be 16 year old who loves, Pirates of the Carribean, Brittany Spears, Hippo's and Disney stuff so....... 1st card is Brittany in a slider card, and the 2nd is a waterfall book with various pics of all her fav things!! I'm delivering them to the lady who ordered them tomorrow so hope she likes them!! I'll post pics of the waterfall book later cos I've got to nuke some dinner now!!

Heres a pic of the 'card' I did for my daughters birthday in June, I liked the idea of the beads down the front edge of the card and of course as usual got carried away with the whole thing and ended up making a book! it turned out to be another one of my 'projects' and the whole ribbon, bling thing just isnt her, but I'm her mum and entitled to do stuff to annoy her and make her shake her head and roll her eyes..... MOTHERS REVENGE! hee hee
I was pleased with the finished product tho, and used some of 3 million beads so thats good innit!!

Helloooooo, have you popped in for a look or am I talking to myself again? ah well never mind! here's a little name card I did for a baby called Reece surpisingly! its just a little something for a friend who's grand daughter just had a baby! I'm definitely getting quicker tho, this one took me an evening which is like warp speed for me!!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Oops, completely muffed this up, trying to update the pics, cos I changed the card below slightly and wanted to swap one picture for another but can't remember how to do it..... Hmmm, must have got in the wrong queue for the 'brains' too!!
I'll explain who's who cos if I'm confused you must be too... (like there's anyone our there! oh and by the way, I've done this all back to front again so be patient with me :)
Lou is my beautiful daughter, Soph is her friend, Lin is Soph's mum... got it? Great! then I'll continue, in my previous post I showed pics of cards I made for Lin's 60th birthday last week, she then asked me to make a card for a lady who's 104 next week, the lady loves Bingo so hence the 'Bingo' card, couldnt resist a bit of ribbon and bling tho :) she also wanted a card for her friend Steve who's 60 and golf mad, hence the dodgy golf card (not very impressed with this one!!) and Steve's Mum who is 80 the same day as him and loves...... yeah, you got it Frank Sinatra so I made her a card with Bing Crosby on.... ha ha, I bet you had another look to see if I'd done it wrong didn't you???? just pulling yer leg!! well as you can see, nothing spectacular I'm afraid but, I did these 'faster than a speeding bullet' well for me anyway, I did make a nice card which turned into a book for Lou's birthday but haven't posted it yet.... well, must get on I've got loads more to do so thanks for dropping by xx

I changed my mind and put them in the right order just to confuse you :)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Hello Me, crickey I've been busy today, my lovely DD came up last night as its her birthday tomorrow, and I'd made her a card and another one for her friends Mum who's birthday is tomorrow too, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadnt made her a card from me and then her friend Soph hadnt bought her mum a card either so I had to do a rush job and you know I DON'T DO RUSH JOBS! so here are the 3 cards, the red and gold OTT jobby is the one I made for Lou to send, the red and white is obviously from Soph, and the little black number is from me, I kinda like mine best hee hee!! I hope she likes them as I've used serious amounts of my very bestest card stock and am probably down to my last 50 sheets of each so will have to be very careful how I use it now!! if you're out there thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Hello Campers!!
well, this weekend I decided to do some much needed housework, LUCKILY.... my computer called me and I found myself watching a demonstration on how to make this card when you bought a kit, so being tight as a duck house, and no sooner said than done I knocked up a similar idea on my Cricut and here it is, the base card is very dark blue, I added the beads and some ribbon and a flower cos the card should really have been an A3 trifold card and more square than tall, but as I adapted it for A4 card (which is all I have!) its ended up a tall tri fold tall and looked a bit bare! oh come on, you know what I mean!!! the pics arent very good but HEY, its better than housework innit!!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Well, after all I said about acetate cards I fancied doing another one and then halfway through I remembered why I decided not
to do it again... theyre a pain in the fandango! they're so awkward to make and thats absolutely the very last one I make.... until the next time I forget why I swore never to make another acetate card!! I don't even know if I'll post a picture of it on here cos its RUBBISH!!
so here's something I prepared earlier as they say, this is NOT an acetate card and although its still rubbish, the front cut out on my cricut was something new for me and I was reasonably pleased that I managed it, however I may have been thinking of cake or something when I cut out the heart bit, cos its far too big!

you just wait till I get all inspired again and make my one peearstaresistance, (fairly good one!) for the year, I have my moments you know... SADLY THIS CARD ISN'T ONE OF THEM!! never mind it gives you something to laugh at and laughings good for you :) :)