Sunday, 8 January 2012

I've fallen in love with this wierd floral die so as its a friends birthday next week I thought I'd use it for the card, I decided to go with browns and found this peice of brown dotty acetate, some brown beads and me fav die, hope she likes it, the insert turned out the wrong colour, ah well, it wouldnt do to get it right for a change would it, I'm trying to make my cards simpler and quicker, its worked on this one, only took me a several hours tee hee

Friday, 6 January 2012

I liked this card in the end but it took some doing, I mucked it up that many times you wouldn't believe! I know its just a simple card but I have done it in SCAL and MCS but the printing is done on SCAL!! I enjoyed playing around with the two programmes to see what I could acheive with them to produce a card, I love that image, oh and the random flower is to cover up a blob of ink that flew out of the mica squirty bottle thing, another 'happy accident' except I wasnt very happy :0)
the insert:

A name book for Charley, I know..... you 've seen it all before and I must admit I'm getting a bit tired of them too, will have to think of something else I can do!