Thursday, 28 July 2011

This is another card for Meg, I thought it would be nice to make the card but used a couple of decorated envelopes for her to put bits n bobs from her 18th in, cards etc maybe, so it's not an album as such, I call it a Keepsake card, she liked it anyway :0)

This is the other card I did for Megans 18th birthday. Meg is in a drama school and loves these masks so I think she liked it well enough!! I mucked it up at the very last minuet cos I decided to trim a bit off the top cos it wasn't perfect.. fopahhh!! I cut through the securing bit of the cord holding the beads and I think top 3 beads are in serious danger of coming out, it was too late to rectify or remake so hope they last until Meg gets the card and then puts them away!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A card I did as a tryout for someone, bit to complicated if I remember right, but put my cricut through its paces!!

A little Anniversary card for Suzi, well for a friend of hers anyway, is it a bit OTT probably! but thats a long time to be married and deserves a medal... sorry nice card!!

I know I keep doing these name books but I like doing them and they are so personal to the person getting them they like them too, I loved this one cos the baby is soooooo gorguss, isnt she beautiful :0)

I was quite happy with this SISTER word book but it took ages to make and then I realised I'd used the wrong font.... ARGHHHH!! it took me ages to get the words to cut out how I wanted them, I had just finished a really nice (say it myself) word book for a couple that got married, it said FOREVER, unfortunately I lost all the pictures on my phone, so only got one picture of it when I had just cut it out, but none of the finished item.... GUTTED!!! it was probably one of my best efforts too... boo hoo (I found the pic and put it on, its after this post)

Well, this is the only pic I have of the FOREVER word book, THIS was the font I was supposed to be using for the SISTER book above!! what on earth was I doing? I am so upset that I lost all the pics of this book cos it really was quite nice.... isnt it a lovely font tho!!

Haven't been on for ages, so got a few projects I did a while back to put on, I did this name book for Dani, it looked ok and she was pleased with it