Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I have more pages to add to this post (these are the last pages) but have to get to the post office asap.... so please look again later if you have time and want to see the whole project!!
Hope you can see how this works, I've made a big concertina card with pockets and then added a couple of large tags for photo's, this slides inside the pocket of the page in the book so its in the book but can be taken out, did it this way instead of fixing it into the book for a change!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

bear in mind this post should have been after the one below, IYKWIM
this is just a quick pic of the box which I forgot to cut down to the right size so its huge! and book finished with the ribbons, which I nearly forgot AGAIN!! ok, no more pictures!

Yes I know! ANOTHER name book I hear you cry, but the people like em so I do em! I like doing them cos I know what I'm doing for once so that gives me the option to change how I make them and personalise them, well thats my theory anyway!! so I won't bore you with pictures of all the pages, the lady who requested it loved it so thats good enough for me!!

seen this before?? yes you have, I had to make this card really quick cos I didnt realise it was Hayleys birthday the following day, I had big plans for this card and it all went pear shaped due to the setting fire to the kitchen escapade... oops! so had to make something that was ok but not too complicated, I liked the pink one I did of this so thought I'd do it in blue, didnt pick the best background as it doesnt show the colour i've put on the drawing but its better in real life....