Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tilly made this card for Sharon, the lady from Glitter Perfect who saved her bacon when she (Tilly) eat my brand new embossing mat!!  Tilly was in severe danger of being shipped back to Wisbech from whence she came,  but luckily Sharon sent me a new one and the dog is no longer in the dog house!!

Made this for a friend who's birthday I always forget!  she's so nice about it and always send me and my lovely hubby a card every year without fail so I made this and sent it, sadly I was 2 months early but better early than never or something!!

This is a little card I did for a new baby,  Mummy LOVES squirrels so this was my offering, after many hours searching for a stamp, digi stamp or something squirrely, I remembered I had the woodland folk cd and hey presto it was done!  thats the trouble with having toooooo much stash,  I forgot what I had!  never mind,  Mummy and Daddy were pleased with it anyway!!