Sunday, 19 April 2009

we gave a king size bed to Helly and bought a sofa bed thingy to replace it and I thought I'd be a clever dick and assemble it myself today, all was going well until it wouldnt go flat so I pushed the back and the front part came up and smacked me straight on the bonce, I think I went out cold for a second cos next thing I knew I'd fallen over and broken one of the slats of the bed... if my bonce hadn't hurt so much I'd have PMSL.... but it did so I didnt!! anyway I thought I'd put this on my blog to remind me of the one and only time I followed the instructions and it STILL went wrong... shan't do that again!!

moving in card

well, I havent been very productive in the cardmaking dept, (or any other come to that!!) but my lovely step daughter moved into a gorgeous flat/apartment so this is the little number I knocked up for her, a bit dodgy you're thinking.... hmmmm, the colours are in keeping with the decor so go along with me on this one!! hee hee I LURVE talking to myself!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Well hello again to anyone who might have popped in for a quick shuftie at my latest disast... sorry creation!! here we have a circular card for an 18 year old lad, his fav band is Good Charlotte whoever they might be??? so here is my offering!! in order first page first and so on! I cut the outer cover in acetate for a change!!