Monday, 19 December 2011

Tilly decided to take the blanket out of her bed and put it on the chair as a cushion, she's not as daft as I thought she was :0)
I made this for my friend Teresa, she loves a bit of bling.... but again its one of those cards I made when I'm really not sure where I was going with it, I should stick to my cricut cards they seem to be a bit better!! I remember now.... I wanted to use this gorguss very expensive ribbon, thats what started it... its really lovely ribbon

another card for Suzi, she wanted a christmas card that wasnt all christmassy so did christmas colours but not too many Merry this and Happy thats, hope she likes it

Thursday, 1 December 2011

My friend Eleanor and I made a card like this the other day and she liked it so much we made another one for one of her friends in Cyprus, obviously his name is Aristos, if I'd been really clever I'd have written his name in Greek, I was born there but don't speak the lingo!

This is another card for Suzi, she loves fairies, flutterbys and all things beautiful, so there are quite a few flutterbys on this card, it didnt turn out as nice as I thought it would but its not too bad, I used an earing as the fairy suspended from the ribbon, waste not want not! and I also put lovely pastel skeleton leaves on to enhance her wings, I hope she likes it, its for her sister who is very ill in hospital, I've also written a poem for her but thats private of course........

Monday, 21 November 2011

This is a record for me, making 3 cards in one week, I know they're nothing special and easy to do but still............ these are cards for me lovely Suzi again, she's having a very rough time of it with one thing and another! I like to think the house cards are improving but I forget how I did it each time so probably not! the pictures arent very good colours and I seem to be going through a brown phase at the moment, hope it passes soon its not very exciting is it!
the fairy card looked like a good idea but it just will not stand up so won't be doing that one again, ooeer, I felt a bit of dejavu then so maybe I've already posted the fairy card.... have to have a gander! sorry if I did :0)

this house card looks just like the previous one so obviously NOT improving after all :0)

Had a gander and I havent posted it before!

Monday, 14 November 2011

ok, so I've had a revamp of the blog... does it look better? I think so, I don't like brown so don't know why I had a brown background for so long, this is much more girly :0) got a couple of cards to make so will post a couple of pics if they turn out reasonable enough to do so! OMG I've just looked at the pics of Ellies book and realised my huge mistake..... NO RIBBONS ON THE RING BINDERS..... ARGHH!!!
This name book is a very special one for me, I made it for a girl I used to work with, she called her little girl Eleanor but will call her Ellie so this is my little book for Ellie, I havent put any pics in, left that for mummy and daddy to do, I've tried to incorporate lots of pages, books and spaces for photo's, what makes this book special is that when I took this round to my friend Sam (mummy), I met her hubby for the first time and he very sadly died the next day of a massive heart attack, to say we're all devasted is an understatement! so this book is dedicated to Ellies daddy Eric, so very very sad........

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

to the lady who left me a comment this morning, Thank you for your comment, I'm well chuffed you like some of my work :0) Sandie x

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Obviously a card for Kath, I make one for Terry every year, she loves yellow and flowers so easy peasy, I was fairly happy with this one for a change, well after Tilly had chewed the first bunch of flowers the little minx!!
A card for my beautiful daughter Lou, she cycled from London to Paris for charity and enjoyed it very much, what a diamond she is.... not sure where this card was going either, I was very pleased that I worked out how to do all the different cuts in SCAL, getting the words in the wheel took quite a few attempts and the bike itself involved a lot of work, I don't think all the work I put in shows on the card really but its unique and something she will keep if I know her, funnily enough it took me longer to make this card than it took her to cycle to Paris!!! I might make her a replacement one day, shame I've forgotten how to do it all ha ha ha, I'll have to write it down next time!

This card was for my stepdaughter Lyndzy's 30th, I wanted it to be really special for her and had this idea for a 'hidden' window with the 30 bit in, sadly it all went horribly wrong and ended up as another one of my disaster cards, not sure what went wrong but i am annoyed with myself for leaving it to late to make another card to give her, she's a lovely girl,
I think I got carried away and tried to do to much, it didnt work and it shows!

I like these stepper cards they're easy but effective, I'm trying to use my dies more now and I must say they do make a good finish to your cards.. still love my cricut tho :0)

Monday, 29 August 2011

I designed this for a friends wedding, she was chuffed to bits with it, I think they looked quite effective and would be lost without my cricut.... best bit of kit I ever bought and SCAL is second!!

one of my cut out cards for a wedding recently, quite subdued for me eh!!

I can't believe I'm putting this on but its gotta be worth a larf, my lovely DD was 30 in June and I decided in my wisdom to make her a cake, the idea was to have a 3 tier cake one tier per decade, the items on the layers are some of the things she loved in that decade, I decided to get the people made as I realised I would make a huge bodge up if I tried, (the cake was bad enough!) anyway it looks dreadful but she thought it was ok, she loved He Man when she was little and of course her Teddy (he still sits on her bed) so that was the first layer, the second was taken up with.... yes you guessed it, FOOTY all my hopes and dreams of a ballerina gone!! the Mini is the exact model of her first car, and finally she's now plod and the BMW is the best car she's had, she loved that car! sadly gone now and replace with a teeny weeny Toyota....
the cake may have looked dreadful but tasted pretty good according to everyone who had some, and boy was there a lot, it was a huge cake!!


this is a card for my nieghbour Carol, (92) she had a dreadful flood in her bungalow just after Christmas and still hasn't moved back in! fingers crossed she should be back by next weekend so thought I'd do her a Welcome Home card, this is a card I've done a couple of times but as I sold the cricut cart with it on I have done this one completely from scratch in SCAL, I'm actually quite chuffed with this one as I made the shape for the roof myself in Inkscape, very simple I know but it's my first attempt, and then I realised I could give it more definition by adding the little cuts, I figured out I could do this in SCAL, I am very pleased with myself as I've had SCAL for years and only just figured out how to use it better.... doh

Carols fav colour is lilac so I've done this for her, I even managed to cut out window frames to make it more dimentional, the first picture isnt a very good one tho, anyone out there reading this who has any doubts about SCAL..... GET IT!!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

This is another card for Meg, I thought it would be nice to make the card but used a couple of decorated envelopes for her to put bits n bobs from her 18th in, cards etc maybe, so it's not an album as such, I call it a Keepsake card, she liked it anyway :0)

This is the other card I did for Megans 18th birthday. Meg is in a drama school and loves these masks so I think she liked it well enough!! I mucked it up at the very last minuet cos I decided to trim a bit off the top cos it wasn't perfect.. fopahhh!! I cut through the securing bit of the cord holding the beads and I think top 3 beads are in serious danger of coming out, it was too late to rectify or remake so hope they last until Meg gets the card and then puts them away!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A card I did as a tryout for someone, bit to complicated if I remember right, but put my cricut through its paces!!

A little Anniversary card for Suzi, well for a friend of hers anyway, is it a bit OTT probably! but thats a long time to be married and deserves a medal... sorry nice card!!

I know I keep doing these name books but I like doing them and they are so personal to the person getting them they like them too, I loved this one cos the baby is soooooo gorguss, isnt she beautiful :0)

I was quite happy with this SISTER word book but it took ages to make and then I realised I'd used the wrong font.... ARGHHHH!! it took me ages to get the words to cut out how I wanted them, I had just finished a really nice (say it myself) word book for a couple that got married, it said FOREVER, unfortunately I lost all the pictures on my phone, so only got one picture of it when I had just cut it out, but none of the finished item.... GUTTED!!! it was probably one of my best efforts too... boo hoo (I found the pic and put it on, its after this post)

Well, this is the only pic I have of the FOREVER word book, THIS was the font I was supposed to be using for the SISTER book above!! what on earth was I doing? I am so upset that I lost all the pics of this book cos it really was quite nice.... isnt it a lovely font tho!!

Haven't been on for ages, so got a few projects I did a while back to put on, I did this name book for Dani, it looked ok and she was pleased with it

Saturday, 25 June 2011

My first Tilly card, this was a replacement for the card she eat!!

Well, I finally made a card for my friend, its nowt special but was the best I could come up with due to lack of mojo, I think the dog eat it!! my mojo, not the card!