Friday, 26 June 2009

Hello Me, crickey I've been busy today, my lovely DD came up last night as its her birthday tomorrow, and I'd made her a card and another one for her friends Mum who's birthday is tomorrow too, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadnt made her a card from me and then her friend Soph hadnt bought her mum a card either so I had to do a rush job and you know I DON'T DO RUSH JOBS! so here are the 3 cards, the red and gold OTT jobby is the one I made for Lou to send, the red and white is obviously from Soph, and the little black number is from me, I kinda like mine best hee hee!! I hope she likes them as I've used serious amounts of my very bestest card stock and am probably down to my last 50 sheets of each so will have to be very careful how I use it now!! if you're out there thanks for dropping by!