Sunday, 31 May 2009

Hello Campers!!
well, this weekend I decided to do some much needed housework, LUCKILY.... my computer called me and I found myself watching a demonstration on how to make this card when you bought a kit, so being tight as a duck house, and no sooner said than done I knocked up a similar idea on my Cricut and here it is, the base card is very dark blue, I added the beads and some ribbon and a flower cos the card should really have been an A3 trifold card and more square than tall, but as I adapted it for A4 card (which is all I have!) its ended up a tall tri fold tall and looked a bit bare! oh come on, you know what I mean!!! the pics arent very good but HEY, its better than housework innit!!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Well, after all I said about acetate cards I fancied doing another one and then halfway through I remembered why I decided not
to do it again... theyre a pain in the fandango! they're so awkward to make and thats absolutely the very last one I make.... until the next time I forget why I swore never to make another acetate card!! I don't even know if I'll post a picture of it on here cos its RUBBISH!!
so here's something I prepared earlier as they say, this is NOT an acetate card and although its still rubbish, the front cut out on my cricut was something new for me and I was reasonably pleased that I managed it, however I may have been thinking of cake or something when I cut out the heart bit, cos its far too big!

you just wait till I get all inspired again and make my one peearstaresistance, (fairly good one!) for the year, I have my moments you know... SADLY THIS CARD ISN'T ONE OF THEM!! never mind it gives you something to laugh at and laughings good for you :) :)

Saturday, 23 May 2009

MY POST ABOUT LIZ... please read this post... I have now sent this card to its recipient so can explain, I bought some stamps from this lady and being the kind lovely woman she is she let me have her own set, she then sent me a DVD of the programme I mentioned I'm missed and when my wizard needed a new handle she sent me one of those too, all at her own expense, I'd already made her this card just to thank her (I know its a bit strange), but I wanted to put her eBay details on here because I can't praise this lady highly enough and wanted to tell anyone reading this who is thinking of purchasing any stash to have a look on her site, (luluc 123) her prices are very fair, but you'd go a VERY long way to find anyone kinder or more helpful, she may not have what you want but will be more than ready to get it for you if she can, I don't dish out praise for the sake of it but this is my highest recommendation for this smashing lady, if you do check out her site and buy from her please pass it on to your crafting friends too, I'm not on a commission either before you ask :) just so very pleased to have made her acquaintance, she won't even know I've put this on here any way!! THANKS FOR LOOKING

Saturday, 16 May 2009

My first attempt at an acetate card, and by eck it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but then me being me I spent hours getting the 'right' picture, cropping, resizing etc, mucking about with card and paper, then mucking it all up as usual and spending hours trying to bodge it up!! thanks to my absolutely wonderful DH I now have a brilliant printer that prints the colours properly, I can heartily recommend it if any one's interested!!
so..... this card is for a girl at work who used to be a ballet dancer until an injury put an end to her career, so I hope she likes this, at least blue is her favourite colour so that should help!!
wasn't impressed with acetate card making but must admit I kinda like the end result... hope you do too!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

This card is for a couple in Oz and they are having this colour for their wedding so I chose a colour I knew they'd like, its a bit bling I hear you cry but you know me!! going by their invites they like unusual so I hope this fits the bill, its a bit of everything but I particularily like the double sided cut out on the inside panel, its the first time I've tried this on my cricut and am very pleased with the result.... one more card to make this week and I'm done for a while, I got busy all of a sudden and really don't have time for this any more but I couldnt say No!!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Still reeling from the shocking death of Carol's grandson, I've tried to make her card minimal as well, didnt do a very good job did I!! not terribly impressed with this effort but wanted to try the swirl stamps and pearl embossing powder, was hoping it looked.... elegant?? don't suppose she'll give a hoot what it looks like really!! ahh, poor Carol :(

Friday, 8 May 2009

Well, I have some bad news, my lovely neighbour Carol who's grandson lost his young wife last year after 2 months of marriage, also lost her Grandson last weekend too!! what a horrible stroke of dreadful luck that 2 young people should both die so suddenly like that, I've made a card for her daughter, who must be in a terrible state, I know Carol said her daughter is very minimalistic so have kept it very simple and hope less is more!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Don't run away with the idea that I'm bursting with card making surprises, I sat for an hour just looking at the desk hoping for some inspiration for this card, I originally had about 3 weeks to make something but he was told today that he can leave this Thursday, so very short notice for me!! his passions are football and AC DC so this is the best I could come up with at such short notice! I spent an hour looking for the exact font used on the album cover and was quite pleased with myself for that little touch! I put some flourishes on the inserts (2 for people to sign) cos I just can't do plain, I used my cricut to cut his name, this is my second cut using SCAL, great cos I could cut the name etc in the special font so I'm very impressed!! some peel offs and some of my bestest card, got to make the same fella a birthday card for next week so gawd knows what I'm going to do for him now!!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

A friend of ours 'Barmy' has just moved into his new house this weekend and he's going through a rough time right now, so I thought I'd make him a moving in card from me and DH, I know its a bit girly but it is at least blue and there's actually no bling so I hope he'll like it!! men arent really that bothered about these things are they!

Hello Campers, I trust you are all well, here's a little something I made for a new baby called Ella, she's the neice of a girl I work with, we havent met but she's a smashing girl so when she said she'd become an Aunt I asked her if I could make a card for her, I'm also doing a birthday card for her 4 year old nephew too and will post a pic of that when its done!! she said she liked this effort so I'm very happy!! by the way normally I'd have blinged the inside pages up and added the pics for her, but as she didnt have any I've left all pages blank so that mum can add them later!!