Saturday, 23 May 2009

MY POST ABOUT LIZ... please read this post... I have now sent this card to its recipient so can explain, I bought some stamps from this lady and being the kind lovely woman she is she let me have her own set, she then sent me a DVD of the programme I mentioned I'm missed and when my wizard needed a new handle she sent me one of those too, all at her own expense, I'd already made her this card just to thank her (I know its a bit strange), but I wanted to put her eBay details on here because I can't praise this lady highly enough and wanted to tell anyone reading this who is thinking of purchasing any stash to have a look on her site, (luluc 123) her prices are very fair, but you'd go a VERY long way to find anyone kinder or more helpful, she may not have what you want but will be more than ready to get it for you if she can, I don't dish out praise for the sake of it but this is my highest recommendation for this smashing lady, if you do check out her site and buy from her please pass it on to your crafting friends too, I'm not on a commission either before you ask :) just so very pleased to have made her acquaintance, she won't even know I've put this on here any way!! THANKS FOR LOOKING

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