Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Don't run away with the idea that I'm bursting with card making surprises, I sat for an hour just looking at the desk hoping for some inspiration for this card, I originally had about 3 weeks to make something but he was told today that he can leave this Thursday, so very short notice for me!! his passions are football and AC DC so this is the best I could come up with at such short notice! I spent an hour looking for the exact font used on the album cover and was quite pleased with myself for that little touch! I put some flourishes on the inserts (2 for people to sign) cos I just can't do plain, I used my cricut to cut his name, this is my second cut using SCAL, great cos I could cut the name etc in the special font so I'm very impressed!! some peel offs and some of my bestest card, got to make the same fella a birthday card for next week so gawd knows what I'm going to do for him now!!


Scottish.Thistle Crafts said...

fantastic card glad ur using scal though

Highvoltage said...

Fantastic card esp since you had like a day to make it
You'll never know how much this meant to Andy. It made his day so special
Thank you so much
You are fantastic