Saturday, 8 October 2011

Obviously a card for Kath, I make one for Terry every year, she loves yellow and flowers so easy peasy, I was fairly happy with this one for a change, well after Tilly had chewed the first bunch of flowers the little minx!!
A card for my beautiful daughter Lou, she cycled from London to Paris for charity and enjoyed it very much, what a diamond she is.... not sure where this card was going either, I was very pleased that I worked out how to do all the different cuts in SCAL, getting the words in the wheel took quite a few attempts and the bike itself involved a lot of work, I don't think all the work I put in shows on the card really but its unique and something she will keep if I know her, funnily enough it took me longer to make this card than it took her to cycle to Paris!!! I might make her a replacement one day, shame I've forgotten how to do it all ha ha ha, I'll have to write it down next time!

This card was for my stepdaughter Lyndzy's 30th, I wanted it to be really special for her and had this idea for a 'hidden' window with the 30 bit in, sadly it all went horribly wrong and ended up as another one of my disaster cards, not sure what went wrong but i am annoyed with myself for leaving it to late to make another card to give her, she's a lovely girl,
I think I got carried away and tried to do to much, it didnt work and it shows!

I like these stepper cards they're easy but effective, I'm trying to use my dies more now and I must say they do make a good finish to your cards.. still love my cricut tho :0)