Sunday, 6 May 2012

a card for Jane (obviously) forgot how I made it last time and got it wrong,  the beads are very fiddly but look really nice in real life,  she likes minimalistic.....

A moving house card for son and dil it is all decoupaged but you can't see it, I got the colour of the cats right too so that was spooky!!
My NOT winning entry for the recent Create and Craft 9th birthday celebrations,  it got a mention apparantly but I didnt see it.... forgot to watch, oops 
Soooooo, finally the pics are all on, well most of them and heres how it worked, Danny is a computer fiend so I made the box to look like a laptop, the 'skin' is his fav car and as you can see from the next pics I put the picture of a 'screen' in the lid and a keyboard covering the album, I was very pleased with how this one turned out and am very glad it came together as I wanted it to, a rare occurence for me, and the recipients liked it too.... Yippeeeeeee

here are some more pics of the album for Danny, they're all higgledy piggledy cos I've lost track of whats where with all the mucking about you have to do to rotate the pics.... sorry if I've repeated them and there should be a couple more to put on just to show you what I did with the 'box'

well,  I FINALLY found out that you can't rotate your pictures in Blogger...Der,  how stupid is that!! so managed to find someone who knows a way round it so hopefully these pics will come in correctly, or as I want them anyway!  obviously these are more pics of the album I wanted to show you and now I have to find the rest of them and rotate them too,  back soon :0)