Sunday, 30 November 2008

Dresser layout

I had to take a pic of the dresser in the hall when we had our windows done recently cos it took so long to put all the stuff on it I didnt want to forget where it all went when I'd washed it all and dusted the dresser!! :)


I did this book ages ago and was very pleased with it but won't bore you with all the pages again!! its on my album on Scrappers!

Another Book

I enjoyed making this book and was quite pleased with the finished article, took a fortnight to make and 3 months to get a tenner for my trouble!! didnt mind the wait so much it was having to ask if he was going to pay me that ticked me off, I wasnt going to bother but DD said don't let him get away with it, thats what he wants!! as usual she was right!

Jo & James

I did all Jo's wedding invites earlier this year and thought I'd do them a little card when they actually got married, I think I saw this on Tracy's blog or on Scrappers and had a bash at making it, I put some lovely sparkly net in the aperture but the pics don't show it very well, they liked it anyway!! I get a lot of inspiration from Tracy, her blog is one of my favourites, there are a few VERY talented ladies on Scrappers, CB, Tracy, Gwyneth to name a few! check out their blogs on my site somewhere!!

Jo & James

Angie's 40th

I seem to have got stuck in a rut here, this blue number had to be done quick so I did another one like Dorothy's (the next card) but used really nice denim blue embossed card, I didnt put so much into the flowers on the inside but did a round aperture cutout on Arnie with her name in to personalise it instead.... this was for a fella I work with!! No.... don't be silly HE'S not Angie, Angie is his wifes friend... I know you was thinking it, I would have :)


Dorothy 'Sister' card

This card was for a friend called Dorothy who wanted a special card to her sister, she wanted to tell her sister how much she loved her and to thank her for looking after their mum before she died, I did compose some nice words (which even I was pleased with!!!) and apparantly they both cried when she gave her sister the card, I seem to make a lot of people cry with my 'creations' hope thats a GOOD sign!! anyway, I liked this card, the colours were her sisters favourites and I made the inside of the card as special as the front, the gold flowers were all cut on Arnie, my wonderful little friend!!

Dorothy 'Sister' card

these were the words I put into each of the small cards, I think the last one said something like,
There is no better freind than a Sister
and there is no better Sister than You!!
can't remember who's quote that is but the rest is all mine!
I wanted to tell you how much I love you and how proud I am of you, you took on all the responsibility of caring for Mum, sorting out her affairs, and organising her funeral even though you have been through so much yourself! Thank you for being so strong for us and for all that you do, but most of for just being You!
Thank you Frances

So glad that you are my sister
I’m so proud of the woman you are
So grateful for all that you did for our mum
Thank you, my sister, my star!
Even though we’re so many miles far apart
Remember that always, you’re here in my heart
I hope she wouldnt mind me putting them on my blog!!

Claires 21st Birthday Book

This book was a labour of love, it was jinxed from the start and after many hours of everything going wrong I very nearly binned it and started again, I didn't however have time to do that so had to make the best of a bad job, again I was given lots of pictures and very little else so I just did my best and hoped it would be ok, apparantly Claire calls it her 'cry book' cos every time she looks at it she cry's..... is that good?? I suppose it means she likes it and it brings back lots of memories for her, I hope so! I tried to post the pics on in some sort of order so that it makes some sense, AND FAILED!! its all back to front but I'm sure if youre interested enough you'll figure it out :) oh and just so you know, Claire's nickname is MONKIE, so thats why thats there, and the back cover (1st picture in part 3) is a really funky photo of her in deep purple colours so I cut a wierd silver frame on Arnie (my cricut) and put it over the pic to form the back page!! I thought it looked quite good for an old fart... thats me of course, not Claire!!

Claires 21st book part 4

Claires 21st book part 3

Claires 21st book part 2

Claires 21st book part 1

Chris and Lisa's Books

I did these two books for Chris and Lisa (who were both 21 recently, within a week of each other), for Martin (Chris's dad) he just gave me a load of photo's and a few scraps of info like: Chris is an avid Northampton Saints supporter, so thats what I used to theme the whole book on, especially all the colours Green, Black and Yellow!! anyway, apparantly Chris was over the moon with it,
Lisa had no special interests I could incorporate, so I just did it in her fav colours and very girlie la la... she was also very pleased with hers!! Martin was SOOOOOO pleased with both of them he paid me an extra fiver over and above what I'd charged him EACH.... I was very happy but mainly cos they'd all liked them so much!! its a fantastic feeling knowing someone thinks what you have produced is ok!!
The first picture below is the birthday card for Chris, the aperture hopefully looked Rugby ball shaped!!!

Chris's 21st Birthday Book

I did this card for Chris as part of the package and am very pleased with it, I hope he likes it too!!

I was very pleased to find this paper in my huge stash mountain, makes buying all this stuff worthwhile, so in effect its probably cost ME £85 to make this book... ho hum!!

I really enjoyed making this book for Chris, as its for a fella I probably realised its probably gonna end up in the bin so didnt get to stressed about it and it turned out reasonably well!!

Chris's 21st Birthday Book

I probably shouldn't have written the captions in but I'm still learning and Martin didnt say he minded so hopefully he didn't!!

I was dreading doing a book for a lad but I'm amazed at how much I like this book its so clean looking without all the bling and sh*t I normally pile on!!

aren't they a lovely couple!!

I've just remembered how to leave a note about stuff like this, I MIGHT get the hang of this blog malarky one day.... yeah right,

I really loved this pic of Lisa with her baby brother, wish I'd remembered his name when I was doing the book!!

this is the front cover of the book, all in all I'm fairly pleased with it and it was much easier to do than my usual paper folded books and probably longer lasting too!!