Sunday, 30 November 2008

Chris and Lisa's Books

I did these two books for Chris and Lisa (who were both 21 recently, within a week of each other), for Martin (Chris's dad) he just gave me a load of photo's and a few scraps of info like: Chris is an avid Northampton Saints supporter, so thats what I used to theme the whole book on, especially all the colours Green, Black and Yellow!! anyway, apparantly Chris was over the moon with it,
Lisa had no special interests I could incorporate, so I just did it in her fav colours and very girlie la la... she was also very pleased with hers!! Martin was SOOOOOO pleased with both of them he paid me an extra fiver over and above what I'd charged him EACH.... I was very happy but mainly cos they'd all liked them so much!! its a fantastic feeling knowing someone thinks what you have produced is ok!!
The first picture below is the birthday card for Chris, the aperture hopefully looked Rugby ball shaped!!!

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