Monday, 29 December 2008

Hi Me, as I'm the only person reading this I might as well address myself!!

Ramblings of an ex 16

Christmas is over,
New Years on its way
I'm going on a diet,
every year thats what I say!

I'm feeling fat and bloated
and I look quite lardy now!
so I'm gonna lose the flab this time
But will someone tell me HOW????

I won't buy any goodies
just buy some seeds, and peck em
and then with time and effort
I'll look just like 'sticky' Beckham!!

so in conclusion to my woes
I'm going to be sooooo good
but first I'll have some ice cream
and finish of the pud!

this brill reply to my silly poem is from Starcyl.... I love it

You're feeling fat and bloated
That's really not surprising
You really shouldn't start eating
Just because the sun is rising

The secret to your quest
Is really very easy
Just eat something that's gone 'off'
You'll soon be feeling queasy

I've been there and I've tried it
Oh so many times
Less eating I can manage
It's just too many wines!

well done!!!!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

This is a card/book I made for Liam ( the lad I work with!!) his mum and dad commissioned it, I had no idea what to do for an 18 year old lad, what do they like? whats kewl? I came up with this circular 'book' cos he obviously likes cars, and is footy mad, can't say I was terribly pleased with it but its all I could come up with at the time!!!

A couple more pics of the card I made for Agnes, I made one very similar for Dorothy the other week but forgot to take any pics... DOH!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

this dodgy pyramage? card was one of my first attempts to do anyting that didnt involve PEEL OFFS.... arghhhhh!! Dorothy liked it anyway... bless!

Helly is my stepdaughter and she lurves bags so this was my attempt at a handbag card! tried to be a clever dick and made it sort of 'upside down' so she had to prop it up on the shelf... oh well you can't win em all!!

This Lily word book was a real departure from the peel off cards, and a very intensive project, can't remember who this one was for now?? was it Angie or Fiona?? getting old sucks!! ha ha, I've just read the post further down and answered my own question... it was for Angie... arghhh I don't wanna get old!!

I spent a VERY lot of time on this Mr Subaru card cos I've tried to be a clever dick again and do 2 apertures... gawd being a clever dick is hard work for me, I wish it came naturally!!! well to be fair I DID do it so I was quiet pleased with myself, pity he never got it!! another one still sitting in my handbag otherwise known as the TARDIS!!
Just trying to fill up my blog now so heres a few bits and bobs I did ages ago..... this Mr subaru card (all done on cricut, I think this is the same principle Tracy used for her cards recently!! ) is for John who fixed Russ's Subaru (the one I did the brown invites for)
LILY was my first proper word book for one of Angie's neices!
The black handbag card was for Helly my step daughter, I did muck it up by doing it sort of upside down so she had to 'prop it up' on the mantlepiece!! and the dodgy kitten card which made my eyes go all boggly, was for the lovely lady ( Dorothy ) who helped me make my wedding dress!! well thats all for now cos I'm going to work in a while, hope its a bit more interesting than it was!! No, not work.. this blog!! it made sense when I wrote it, but not when I read it..... confused? me too :)

And this 'little' number is my car!! the blokes at work think its to big for me... Ha, what do they know the bunch of pansies!! I'm just as scary in a punto believe me! most of them wouldnt get in a car with me anyway cos I scare the living daylights out of them!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!

This is in the wrong place, its the inside pic of Agnes's birthday card!! I'll move it one day when I've figured out HOW!!

You guessed, ONE of these is me!! well, I'm old so there's your first clue, I'm NOT the gorgeous blonde... so, thanks to Lloreal I'm the brunette!! the young totty is my beautiful daughter Lou, I can't produce very good cards but when it comes to daughters... WOW!! she's a fantastic kid and I'm so proud of her it hurts!! the goodlooking blonde is my bestest friend Theresa, I told her NOT to outdo me on my wedding day, but did she listen.. NOOOOOO she can't help being gorgeous I suppose, good thing I love her!!

this sympathy card for my scatty neighbour Carol was for when her grandsons wife of 3 weeks suddenly died, she was in her 20's poor little sod!!

Monday, 1 December 2008

I'm just checking out how this looks this morning, I realise the whole thing is back to front and not in the order of how I made stuff or anything but don't suppose it matters to much, I also realise I really do like order, but am unable to acheive it in my daily life... I think a tidy and organised house and then I wake up!! I'm going to change my background again so must stop changing the colours of the fonts to match the background cos its very time consuming and then I don't like it so I'll stick to black and hopefully save myself a lot of time!! well off to work now while I've still got a job!!