Monday, 1 December 2008

I'm just checking out how this looks this morning, I realise the whole thing is back to front and not in the order of how I made stuff or anything but don't suppose it matters to much, I also realise I really do like order, but am unable to acheive it in my daily life... I think a tidy and organised house and then I wake up!! I'm going to change my background again so must stop changing the colours of the fonts to match the background cos its very time consuming and then I don't like it so I'll stick to black and hopefully save myself a lot of time!! well off to work now while I've still got a job!!


Sam said...

Hi Sandie, didn't even realise you had a blog!!!
Lovely colours atm.
SamG xxx

starcyl said...

I see you have really got the hang of this now, like this one. Just the music to sort for you and I'll be redundant too.

Jenny x