Tuesday, 2 December 2008

And this 'little' number is my car!! the blokes at work think its to big for me... Ha, what do they know the bunch of pansies!! I'm just as scary in a punto believe me! most of them wouldnt get in a car with me anyway cos I scare the living daylights out of them!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!

This is in the wrong place, its the inside pic of Agnes's birthday card!! I'll move it one day when I've figured out HOW!!

You guessed, ONE of these is me!! well, I'm old so there's your first clue, I'm NOT the gorgeous blonde... so, thanks to Lloreal I'm the brunette!! the young totty is my beautiful daughter Lou, I can't produce very good cards but when it comes to daughters... WOW!! she's a fantastic kid and I'm so proud of her it hurts!! the goodlooking blonde is my bestest friend Theresa, I told her NOT to outdo me on my wedding day, but did she listen.. NOOOOOO she can't help being gorgeous I suppose, good thing I love her!!

this sympathy card for my scatty neighbour Carol was for when her grandsons wife of 3 weeks suddenly died, she was in her 20's poor little sod!!

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