Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Dodgy card

I bought this embossed paper and thought it was gorgeous but not so sure now, made this for Lou, just to tell her I love her, but not sure I'll bother sending it now!! its a bit naff methinks!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

hmmmm, havent been on for ages, nothing to say really, but have knocked up a couple of cards now that I've figured out how to do a circular aperture card so heres a couple of pics, theyre nothing special, they're just practicing doing them!!!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Hello again!!

Well I'm here again, going to try and leave a few comments for Agnes!!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

All good!!

Well I finally got hold of Agnes and apart from some disasters she's ok, had a quick blabby with her, and then Lin came online and had a bit of a giggle with her, she's bearing up well, Tom is improving so all in all not too bad under the circumstances... DH has just told me for the hundredth time that he loves me and needs me so I'm as happy as a pig in shit quite frankly!!! If only I hadn't eaten that chocolate tonight!! drat, grrrrr.... silly moi

I was particularily pleased with this name book, I made it for a friend in Scotland for her nieces new baby! it took me a very long time to decorate tho, cos I'm very slow at that sort of thing!!!

Louise's little book

And another thing!!

well, nothing much has happened to me since my last musings, my friend Linbob lost her Aunt suddenly yesterday and is very upset, also to add to her distress her son Thomas had his tonsils out last week and is not recovering as well as he should be, I hope things improve for her soon! it makes me realise how fortunate I am for the first time in my life, I'm not looking on the black side of things, Yes, I am getting older and not terribly amused by it all, but I do have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter, I love them both with all my heart, my husbands children are great kids I think the world of them, I have relatively good health and don't look too bad for my age, I could however do with losing a couple of stone, but having just devoured a bar of chocolate that may not be a possibility for some time.... woe is me!! and where the hell is Agnes?? I could probably find the scarlet pimpernel quicker.....
So! in conclusion I think its good to count your blessings and if you're a couple of stone the worse for wear... SOD IT!! who cares? I'll be thin when I'm 'gone'!!!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Apologies Agnes

OMG it worked, I can't believe it!! so what next? do I just blither on and talk to myself.... why not! I tend to do that a lot anyway, especially on the UKS forum!!!
So, how did I get myself into this mess, I got married again! and for some unknown reason(even to me) I decided to make my own invitations! don't know where the idea came from, could be my extreme tightness! although having said that I did make my friends wedding invites a few years previously, again no idea why, so perhaps that was the thread! It was only a very small wedding so nothing grand, mine I mean.... just as well going by the invites which were nothing special I assure you, but I'm sure I thought they were ok at the time!
I realise now I've always being a crafter, I loved dressmaking, collecting things like buttons, fabrics, patterns etc, have always seen the potential of a beautiful piece of card or paper, and carefully ferreted things away cos 'it'll come in handy' is that an 'era' thing? so looking at it now, I suppose it was inevitable that card making would grab me!! not sure if DH is quite so impressed, the poor man has enough to put with what with me being 'a lot of trouble' into the bargain!, good thing he loves me! well that's enough rambling for now, I need tea and toast!!

where are you CB when I need you??

Just click add post, put a pic in and say a few words!! ah, Agnes you make it all sound so simple and it clearly isn't.... I don't know where these words will end up, probably somewhere in the ether!! its very early and I'm still asleep even tho I've got my huge great carcass on this seat in front of my monitor, so I'll press enter and see what happens!!!