Monday, 4 August 2008

Apologies Agnes

OMG it worked, I can't believe it!! so what next? do I just blither on and talk to myself.... why not! I tend to do that a lot anyway, especially on the UKS forum!!!
So, how did I get myself into this mess, I got married again! and for some unknown reason(even to me) I decided to make my own invitations! don't know where the idea came from, could be my extreme tightness! although having said that I did make my friends wedding invites a few years previously, again no idea why, so perhaps that was the thread! It was only a very small wedding so nothing grand, mine I mean.... just as well going by the invites which were nothing special I assure you, but I'm sure I thought they were ok at the time!
I realise now I've always being a crafter, I loved dressmaking, collecting things like buttons, fabrics, patterns etc, have always seen the potential of a beautiful piece of card or paper, and carefully ferreted things away cos 'it'll come in handy' is that an 'era' thing? so looking at it now, I suppose it was inevitable that card making would grab me!! not sure if DH is quite so impressed, the poor man has enough to put with what with me being 'a lot of trouble' into the bargain!, good thing he loves me! well that's enough rambling for now, I need tea and toast!!

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