Thursday, 20 August 2009

There's a funny story behind this card, well it's funny NOW, but at the time I could have strangulated myself for my own stupidity!! I had a request for this card and had months in which to make it, left it till the last minute and then made it last week, just the box to do and voila! I was also making the big black and white card for Carolyn (next post) so stuff everywhere, (come on own up you're just as bad!!) so I decided to try out my new glimmer mist in peacock green or something, so I sprayed it onto some cardstock and thought, ang on... where's the fabulous colour? you're way ahead of me aren't you, YES, I'd got the nozzle the wrong way round and sprayed all over the heart card and splattered the B&W card too, ARGHHHHHH what a numpty! I couldnt believe my eyes (or stupidity) when they shouted 'BRAINS' I thought they said 'STRAINS' and shot to the back of the queue!! I wanted thick HAIR and a thin BODY and wrong queue's again!!! I digress, so... I immediately threw a tantrum and ripped all the bits off the card for salvage, and had to start again!! I'm going to call it a 'happy accident' cos I wasnt struck on the first one anyway, it was tooooo pink, the lady wanted pink with butterfly's but I thought it was too much and sprayed it with green ink deliberately, so nurghh!! by the way, I've already thanked the very talented Tracey Gough for this beautiful design, but another mention won't go amiss!! to see the original one she designed please look on her blog, its full of wonderful creations she's an inspiration to a very lot of people, thanks Tracey xx

I made this one for a chap at work, he wanted something different in lemon colours so I did this and I think this is ok but I'm not very good at these cards, I'm not sure what I'm any good at but it certainly isnt this!! never mind, I enjoyed doing it and the beading was interesting on vellum!! I thought I'd be a clever dick and see if I could put something in the comments box and it let me, I naturally put something modest!!!!! and now I don't know how to get rid of it... looks really sad when you have to leave YOURSELF some nice comments, anyone know how to get rid of it please??

Here's another little name book, I think I may have posted this already so apologies if I have, if I haven't HERE IT IS :)

and here's one I made earlier, this is actually my 2nd A4 card, I thought this one looked ok cos you can't go wrong with black and white can you? it always looks classy no matter how bad your card making is! this black glitter paper was something my lovely SD wrapped a pressie for her dad in, and being the little cracker she is she thought of me and made him open his pressie VERY carefully, mind you he's one step ahead of her and was already smiling cos he knew I was licking my lips when I saw it! I'm sooooooo easy!! don't know how long it'll stay stuck to the card but I never said the cards would last forever!! If you look really hard you can probably see the green speckles from my 'little accident'


and here is the guilty party, the first A4 card I made, this is for my SS and I wanted to make sure he couldn't possibly hide the 30 part of the card behind anything on the mantlepiece.... being an old fart has its compensations, you get to take the peece out of the kids as they progress into middle age... ha ha ha can't imagine what they'll say when I get to 4o erm yeah right!!

Hello girls, (sorry is that a bit sexist?) and boys too! well I hope you are all well, and keeping busy with crafting projects... I've been fairly busy too and am pleased with this little 'number' the girl I keep calling Tracy who is actually Hayley (she does my hair for me, luverly girl ) wanted a special card for a new arrival, I suggested a name book but she wanted pockets so I devised this for her! its all cut on my cricut... the baby girls name is Madison, I hope you can see from pic??? and there are lots of pockets and spaces for her mum to put pictures on, I'm secretly pleased with myself on this occasion but don't worry I shan't make a habit of getting to chuffed with myself!! I may put pics of the pages on later for my own vanity of course but obviously a certain amount of begging on your part would help speed up the process :)

Here's a card I did for a friend to give to her SIL, Annettes fav colours are dusty pinks and browns so this paper seemed to fit the bill, I decided instead of glitter I'd sew beads on and it looks ok to me! I've put SOME glitter on and a bit of bling of course! I've only made a couple of A4 cards but they're not as bad as I thought so hope my friend likes this card!!