Thursday, 20 August 2009

Here's another little name book, I think I may have posted this already so apologies if I have, if I haven't HERE IT IS :)

and here's one I made earlier, this is actually my 2nd A4 card, I thought this one looked ok cos you can't go wrong with black and white can you? it always looks classy no matter how bad your card making is! this black glitter paper was something my lovely SD wrapped a pressie for her dad in, and being the little cracker she is she thought of me and made him open his pressie VERY carefully, mind you he's one step ahead of her and was already smiling cos he knew I was licking my lips when I saw it! I'm sooooooo easy!! don't know how long it'll stay stuck to the card but I never said the cards would last forever!! If you look really hard you can probably see the green speckles from my 'little accident'


and here is the guilty party, the first A4 card I made, this is for my SS and I wanted to make sure he couldn't possibly hide the 30 part of the card behind anything on the mantlepiece.... being an old fart has its compensations, you get to take the peece out of the kids as they progress into middle age... ha ha ha can't imagine what they'll say when I get to 4o erm yeah right!!

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