Thursday, 16 September 2010

I like this card, I made it for my fwend Suzi, isnt Lola the cutest little girl :) I enjoyed doing this easle card and had to think about how I could use all the pics Suzi gave me as I loved all of them and just couldnt leave any out!! I was pleased with this card which is rare for me, the pictures make it for me!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Some pics I took of our blue tits nesting in one of our boxes just by the front door, unfortunately we missed the chicks leaving home but I wonder if that thrush was keeping 'dickey eye' while they had their practice flights? will have to be more vigilant next year!

Look who we found in our garden this morning, a terrified little deer!! she was keeping a very close eye on me whilst trying to find her way out, goodness knows how she got in our garden, anyway several hours later I think she has found a way out and hopefully gone home!! isn't she lovely :)this was a very quick card I made with my trusty cricut for one of DD's friends, I should have cut out the happy birthday bit but I was in a rush so fell back on the dreaded peel offs, she liked it anyway!
Suzi moved house recently so I made this for her again with my cricut, what a fantasic little machine he is :)

Here's a few pictures of a wordbook for Teresa's grandson called (funnily enough) Harrison.... this is a bigger version of the one I did for a baby girl called Maddison but this one has pictures in!!

Well, here are some pics of an album I started back in November just after I got made redundant, unfortunately it was another of my 'disaster' projects and after several things going wrong I abandoned the whole thing for several months! the young girl in the pics (Jade) passed away recently and this was requested by her cousin Kaylee for Jades mum to have as a keepsake, luckily there was no mad rush, just as well cos my mojo had still not returned from wherever its been for the last 30 years! anyway, my conscience finally got the better of me and I managed to finish it, It was a very sad thing to work on, and I'm not sure I've done Kaylee justice but I did my best and she liked it well enough thank goodness, it turned out to be a much bigger book than I'd planned on but there were a lot of pics and I felt they should all go in if poss, so its ended up 10 or 11 pages, in fact it was so big and fat I couldn't use my bind it all machine as I'd planned so had to buy giant sized book rings which I think spoiled it a bit... ah well.....
Jade loved lots of bright colours, beetle cars and playboy bunnies so I've put some of that in, but also more stuff for her mum to enjoy too!

Teresa's birthday card, I was definitely in orange mode, I carefully cut out the two figures and decoupaged them onto card, I blinged it up as usual cos she likes bling as much as me!!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

apologies for the confusion but I just found this better pic of the front of Zoe's card!! it should be further down but I can't move pictures around once they're on

the card below was a request for an ex work colleague who I've made a couple of books for, he's MAD about Mr Blobby... why???? anyway when I asked what he liked and was told Mr Blobby I panicked and thought what the heck can I do for him, luckily this emerged and I was actually pleased with the finished article... it now takes pride of place in his Mr Blobby collection

Made this for Fi, it was for her cousin Zoe's 18th, Zoe is a bit goth, and is training to be a beautician I think, hence the definition about beauty!! I spent ages painstakingly cutting out the decoupaged hair, face and dress on the girl, goth tinkerbell and the kitty on the front of the card but the effect was well worth the effort! (this is where the first pic should have been) I did a double sided bookmark with goth type girls on, it was a lot of work but all in all I was pleased with the finished card.. Fi and Zoe liked it too which was great!

My neighbour Carol was 90 recently and I wanted to make her a bubble card but this one really did go horribly wrong, another one of my 'where did that come from' cards!! I really don't know what happened with this card, but the box was ok, Carol liked it bless her., hope I'm as brilliant as her if I get to 90!!!!!

My lovely DD went to New York and visited the police station while she was there, (she's a police officer in the Met) this guy Bobby sent her some police stuff and was very nice to her so I did this card for her to send to him by way of a Thank you

made this card for my work collegue Colin, (well his real name was Andrew but we nicknamed him Colin,) when we both got made redundant in November!!

I may have posted this one before but not sure, its one of my digital efforts and I'm not terribly impressed, looked gorguss on the screen tho!!