Sunday, 13 June 2010

Well, here are some pics of an album I started back in November just after I got made redundant, unfortunately it was another of my 'disaster' projects and after several things going wrong I abandoned the whole thing for several months! the young girl in the pics (Jade) passed away recently and this was requested by her cousin Kaylee for Jades mum to have as a keepsake, luckily there was no mad rush, just as well cos my mojo had still not returned from wherever its been for the last 30 years! anyway, my conscience finally got the better of me and I managed to finish it, It was a very sad thing to work on, and I'm not sure I've done Kaylee justice but I did my best and she liked it well enough thank goodness, it turned out to be a much bigger book than I'd planned on but there were a lot of pics and I felt they should all go in if poss, so its ended up 10 or 11 pages, in fact it was so big and fat I couldn't use my bind it all machine as I'd planned so had to buy giant sized book rings which I think spoiled it a bit... ah well.....
Jade loved lots of bright colours, beetle cars and playboy bunnies so I've put some of that in, but also more stuff for her mum to enjoy too!

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