Saturday, 12 June 2010

apologies for the confusion but I just found this better pic of the front of Zoe's card!! it should be further down but I can't move pictures around once they're on

the card below was a request for an ex work colleague who I've made a couple of books for, he's MAD about Mr Blobby... why???? anyway when I asked what he liked and was told Mr Blobby I panicked and thought what the heck can I do for him, luckily this emerged and I was actually pleased with the finished article... it now takes pride of place in his Mr Blobby collection

Made this for Fi, it was for her cousin Zoe's 18th, Zoe is a bit goth, and is training to be a beautician I think, hence the definition about beauty!! I spent ages painstakingly cutting out the decoupaged hair, face and dress on the girl, goth tinkerbell and the kitty on the front of the card but the effect was well worth the effort! (this is where the first pic should have been) I did a double sided bookmark with goth type girls on, it was a lot of work but all in all I was pleased with the finished card.. Fi and Zoe liked it too which was great!

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