Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tilly made this card for Sharon, the lady from Glitter Perfect who saved her bacon when she (Tilly) eat my brand new embossing mat!!  Tilly was in severe danger of being shipped back to Wisbech from whence she came,  but luckily Sharon sent me a new one and the dog is no longer in the dog house!!

Made this for a friend who's birthday I always forget!  she's so nice about it and always send me and my lovely hubby a card every year without fail so I made this and sent it, sadly I was 2 months early but better early than never or something!!

This is a little card I did for a new baby,  Mummy LOVES squirrels so this was my offering, after many hours searching for a stamp, digi stamp or something squirrely, I remembered I had the woodland folk cd and hey presto it was done!  thats the trouble with having toooooo much stash,  I forgot what I had!  never mind,  Mummy and Daddy were pleased with it anyway!!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

A card for Martin obviously: I put more layers on this one and was quite pleased as I did it all in SCAL from a picture, it looked better in real life, I even thought to put some acetate in the windows too, but the Martin 60 today topper was a complete lash up! didn't put Happy Birthday as he recently lost him Mum in a tragic road accident so thought maybe best wishes was more appropriate!!
This a picture of the 'album' I've just finished for my friends daughter who is 18 tomorrow,  it was a very adventurous project and took a while to do but,  I'm very pleased with the finished article and so was Suzi,  have to wait and see what her daughter thinks!!  it stood about 2' tall but I wanted to do something musical as like most young people now music is a very big part of their lives, and this is what popped into my mind when I was trying to think of what to make....  I made the album round obviously and wasn't as pleased with it as I could have been as I couldnt really embellish/bling it up very much due to the size being restricted,  it turned into 3 albums which I'll post pics of next!! 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

A little card I made for my step sons wife,  obviously she's having a baby!!

Friday, 1 June 2012

A little card for Dans 18th he is into music in a big way so hope he likes it!!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

a card for Jane (obviously) forgot how I made it last time and got it wrong,  the beads are very fiddly but look really nice in real life,  she likes minimalistic.....

A moving house card for son and dil it is all decoupaged but you can't see it, I got the colour of the cats right too so that was spooky!!
My NOT winning entry for the recent Create and Craft 9th birthday celebrations,  it got a mention apparantly but I didnt see it.... forgot to watch, oops 
Soooooo, finally the pics are all on, well most of them and heres how it worked, Danny is a computer fiend so I made the box to look like a laptop, the 'skin' is his fav car and as you can see from the next pics I put the picture of a 'screen' in the lid and a keyboard covering the album, I was very pleased with how this one turned out and am very glad it came together as I wanted it to, a rare occurence for me, and the recipients liked it too.... Yippeeeeeee

here are some more pics of the album for Danny, they're all higgledy piggledy cos I've lost track of whats where with all the mucking about you have to do to rotate the pics.... sorry if I've repeated them and there should be a couple more to put on just to show you what I did with the 'box'

well,  I FINALLY found out that you can't rotate your pictures in Blogger...Der,  how stupid is that!! so managed to find someone who knows a way round it so hopefully these pics will come in correctly, or as I want them anyway!  obviously these are more pics of the album I wanted to show you and now I have to find the rest of them and rotate them too,  back soon :0)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I have more pages to add to this post (these are the last pages) but have to get to the post office asap.... so please look again later if you have time and want to see the whole project!!
Hope you can see how this works, I've made a big concertina card with pockets and then added a couple of large tags for photo's, this slides inside the pocket of the page in the book so its in the book but can be taken out, did it this way instead of fixing it into the book for a change!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

bear in mind this post should have been after the one below, IYKWIM
this is just a quick pic of the box which I forgot to cut down to the right size so its huge! and book finished with the ribbons, which I nearly forgot AGAIN!! ok, no more pictures!

Yes I know! ANOTHER name book I hear you cry, but the people like em so I do em! I like doing them cos I know what I'm doing for once so that gives me the option to change how I make them and personalise them, well thats my theory anyway!! so I won't bore you with pictures of all the pages, the lady who requested it loved it so thats good enough for me!!

seen this before?? yes you have, I had to make this card really quick cos I didnt realise it was Hayleys birthday the following day, I had big plans for this card and it all went pear shaped due to the setting fire to the kitchen escapade... oops! so had to make something that was ok but not too complicated, I liked the pink one I did of this so thought I'd do it in blue, didnt pick the best background as it doesnt show the colour i've put on the drawing but its better in real life....

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A card for Suzi, her friend Clare has just become a grandmother so something a little different for her to send her, hope she likes it, my mojo has not returned so this is quite good for me as it had to be quick, will change the envelopes inside (for pictures of baby Lola) as they're not the right pink for this card!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Oh dear, its all gone horribly wrong again, not sure where this one was going either, not very good at non cricut cards, this was inspired by the picture of a spanish lady, as its for a spanish lady I thought it was nice, did the background in MCS and then added the swirls etc but it hasnt jelled, oh well hope she likes it anyway!!

a card for Roses birthday, its only 4 days late.. sorry Rose :0( the pink rose is tarted up a bit and decoupaged, this is from the new MCS cd purchased with my friend Eleanor, tried to keep it a little more simple! hope she likes it when she gets it :0)

did these vouchers and cards for a friend who has her own driving school, seemed like a good idea at the time :0)

Is this the most gorguss doggie in the world..... YES,
ok I know., your dogs are gorguss too but Tilly is fandabbydozy even if she has nicked my chair, she never moans about the mess in this room, she reckons all my cards are great and loves me to bits..... hang on a tic, I think she's just agreeing with my wonderful hubby :0)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

I've fallen in love with this wierd floral die so as its a friends birthday next week I thought I'd use it for the card, I decided to go with browns and found this peice of brown dotty acetate, some brown beads and me fav die, hope she likes it, the insert turned out the wrong colour, ah well, it wouldnt do to get it right for a change would it, I'm trying to make my cards simpler and quicker, its worked on this one, only took me a several hours tee hee

Friday, 6 January 2012

I liked this card in the end but it took some doing, I mucked it up that many times you wouldn't believe! I know its just a simple card but I have done it in SCAL and MCS but the printing is done on SCAL!! I enjoyed playing around with the two programmes to see what I could acheive with them to produce a card, I love that image, oh and the random flower is to cover up a blob of ink that flew out of the mica squirty bottle thing, another 'happy accident' except I wasnt very happy :0)
the insert:

A name book for Charley, I know..... you 've seen it all before and I must admit I'm getting a bit tired of them too, will have to think of something else I can do!