Monday, 21 November 2011

This is a record for me, making 3 cards in one week, I know they're nothing special and easy to do but still............ these are cards for me lovely Suzi again, she's having a very rough time of it with one thing and another! I like to think the house cards are improving but I forget how I did it each time so probably not! the pictures arent very good colours and I seem to be going through a brown phase at the moment, hope it passes soon its not very exciting is it!
the fairy card looked like a good idea but it just will not stand up so won't be doing that one again, ooeer, I felt a bit of dejavu then so maybe I've already posted the fairy card.... have to have a gander! sorry if I did :0)

this house card looks just like the previous one so obviously NOT improving after all :0)

Had a gander and I havent posted it before!

Monday, 14 November 2011

ok, so I've had a revamp of the blog... does it look better? I think so, I don't like brown so don't know why I had a brown background for so long, this is much more girly :0) got a couple of cards to make so will post a couple of pics if they turn out reasonable enough to do so! OMG I've just looked at the pics of Ellies book and realised my huge mistake..... NO RIBBONS ON THE RING BINDERS..... ARGHH!!!
This name book is a very special one for me, I made it for a girl I used to work with, she called her little girl Eleanor but will call her Ellie so this is my little book for Ellie, I havent put any pics in, left that for mummy and daddy to do, I've tried to incorporate lots of pages, books and spaces for photo's, what makes this book special is that when I took this round to my friend Sam (mummy), I met her hubby for the first time and he very sadly died the next day of a massive heart attack, to say we're all devasted is an understatement! so this book is dedicated to Ellies daddy Eric, so very very sad........

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

to the lady who left me a comment this morning, Thank you for your comment, I'm well chuffed you like some of my work :0) Sandie x