Monday, 21 November 2011

This is a record for me, making 3 cards in one week, I know they're nothing special and easy to do but still............ these are cards for me lovely Suzi again, she's having a very rough time of it with one thing and another! I like to think the house cards are improving but I forget how I did it each time so probably not! the pictures arent very good colours and I seem to be going through a brown phase at the moment, hope it passes soon its not very exciting is it!
the fairy card looked like a good idea but it just will not stand up so won't be doing that one again, ooeer, I felt a bit of dejavu then so maybe I've already posted the fairy card.... have to have a gander! sorry if I did :0)

this house card looks just like the previous one so obviously NOT improving after all :0)

Had a gander and I havent posted it before!

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sue said...

Beautiful cards, I am sure they will be well received, fabulous. Sue x