Monday, 5 January 2009

well, I'm just musing to myself now, yesterday was a horrible day....... not going into details but a lot of visitors ( ha ha, I'm flattering myself there!!) OK, the 2 or 3 visitors (who know me) to my blog will know the details!! I think I 'lost' a friend today, not through illness or anything terminal, through stupidity, mine or hers? who knows! I think I probably let her down in some ways, but I also feel very let down too, anyway I think that particular door has closed and I won't be opening any more doors in the near future!! I get myself into less trouble if I talk to myself!! haven't made anything for a while, don't think my mojo is back from Barbados yet so I'm chilling!!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

I think this card may be my first or possibly second 3 in 1 book card, I have made several more and that might have to be my New Years Resolution..... TO NEVER MAKE ANOTHER ONE!! I did like them at first but have gone right off them now, having said that you can bling them up and put lots of slushy sentiments in the little cards so maybe NOT!!

I just found this one in the archives, I made this card for Bev, she is also a hairdresser and a friend of Hayley... (not Tracy!) so...... Bev's daughter Stacy was getting married and she wanted a card from her daughters twins to their mum and dad on their wedding day, make sense???

I know the spelling of babies is wrong but I did it that way cos babies can't spell can they!! she wanted a black and white theme and I used my very favourite black embossed card which I assumed I could replace only to find it was discontinued and unavailable ... wish I'd known that before I used it!! this was of course cut out on my cricut!!

Front cover

The twins obviousley, arent they gorgeous!!

I don't actually remember where this was, but I'm presuming it was an insert over the pics of babies!!!!

and this is the inside of course!!! Bev was really pleased with it, I made the TG (Ampersand) card for the same couple, just so you know what I'm talking about!!!!

Well, if you're here, Hello!! but you're probably not, so just to put you in the picture, the cards get SLIGHTLY better as you go deeper into the bowels of this bog, sorry blog! but I stress only SOME of them are SLIGHTLY better, there are a couple I'm fairly pleased with until I look on other peoples blogs and realise what a useless so and so I am!! but I enjoy buying stash, and stashing stash so I'm happy!! if you ARE here you're very welcome and I appreciate you visiting my blog!!
Okay, Okay... I know the cards are getting worse instead of better!! but I seem to have done everything arse about face, which is quite normal for me!! so I'm looking at the pics of cards from my yesteryear and am embarrassed to say these are some of the 'best' I use the term loosely!! so be patient with me, I did this on my cricut when I was deep in 'Invitation mode' and thought they looked quite good, sadly the victims I was making invites for DIDN'T agree!! so that was another 48 hours of my life wasted!! told you I was slow!

In my defense I 'designed' the paper for the card below on MyCraftStudio which I bought from C & C and a very clever piece of equipment it is to, however, it would have been cheaper to fly to Thailand..... make the paper there, fly home and make the card... A LOT CHEAPER!! I would imagine most of my 'creations' cost somewhere in the region of £85-150 that does include labour of course!! ANYWAY!! I like this artist somebody Van Klimt or Klop?? so I did this card for my daughter when she moved into her flat a couple of years ago, and her fav colours are turquoise and brown.... so voila!!

And now for the Peire resistance, oh, you know what I mean!! the ever famous TG (or Ampersand ) card, what I 'borrowed'... I did this for Tracy, No Hayley.... why do I ALWAYS call her Tracy???? that poor girl would probably like to strangulate me sometimes!! anyway.... for Hayley's (she's the lovely girl who does my roots for me!) friend who got married last year, she was very pleased with it and I thought it looked NEARLY as good as the original version!! for a quick squiff at the original go to Tracy's blog!! and I DO mean Tracy, not Hayley's blog!! confused? you will be!!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Apologies for these poor efforts, they are from way back when I first got my cricut and HAD to learn how to do an aperture card, being slightly crackers doesnt make it easy to learn new skills and this was no exception I assure you, but after a LOT of practicing I finally got it, and I must say I still like doing aperture cards, I think they personalise a card etc in a very special way!! you wont see another card like it in the £1 shop!!!!!

Right, I'm posting these very old cards cos I was very proud of them at the time.... it took me a seriously long time to get my head round doing the 4 aperture cards and I havent got a clue how I did it now.. so please don't anybody ask!!

I'm posting this 'Deco' style card cos I tried a bit of decoupage (not so as you'd notice tho!!) my daughters friends moved into a new flat and theyre very into red and black ( hmmmmm) and of course deco... I think they liked it, who knows!!!

Another 4 aperture card, for Angie who left to go to Northampton, and then got made redundant.. NICE!!

I've been mucking about with this all day on and off, its for my daughters friend who's starting a driving 'skool' in the Watford area, she's in her early 20's but a very good instructor, so we're trying to think of ways to encourage some customers to buy lessons for birthday pressies etc!!
I wish I could show you pics of a lovely sparkling clean house..... but NO, it aint gonna happen!!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Mildred and George card was a card I did on Greetings Card thingy, I was having a bit of a play with it and thought this looked ok, the tag thing on the corner looked better IRL cos the pictures cut off a bit so it looks like its stuck on but it wasn't!! anyway its a non cricut card for a change, I must say I much prefer my cricut efforts tho!!

Here's a little card I did for one of the cricut girls... Lin who was 30 (derrr obviously!!) this week, I'm into Retro at the moment so printed this off from a cd I bought yonks ago, I used some of the never ending supply of brown card left over from Russ and Lyndz's wedding invites, it looked a bit sad and boring so out came the dreaded PEELOFFS, gotta use em up girls! and you must admit it does look better for a little 'something' well that's my theory anyway!!

These two are both for my very smashing neighbour who is a fantastic 80 something, with ALL her marbles, she's always out and about and grabs the postman (Ooerr missus!! I think she would to given half a chance!!) before he can bugger of with my parcels of urgent supplies... you know the ones!!! God, I hope I'm half as brill as she is when I'm her age, assuming I get there of course.... I'm practicing to be a cantankerous old hag at the moment, its coming on well according to DD :) revenge of the parent!

I was asked to do this one was for a fella who's mad about films, this was the best I could come up with, wasn't terribly impressed with it but DH liked it so thats good enough for me!!

This is another of my boring cards... my mojo was on holiday AGAIN!! well anyway, this card was for a freinds birthday I MISSED... oops! and to make it worse its STILL in my bag with her christmas card.... NAUGHTY BARMYBIRD!!!