Monday, 5 January 2009

well, I'm just musing to myself now, yesterday was a horrible day....... not going into details but a lot of visitors ( ha ha, I'm flattering myself there!!) OK, the 2 or 3 visitors (who know me) to my blog will know the details!! I think I 'lost' a friend today, not through illness or anything terminal, through stupidity, mine or hers? who knows! I think I probably let her down in some ways, but I also feel very let down too, anyway I think that particular door has closed and I won't be opening any more doors in the near future!! I get myself into less trouble if I talk to myself!! haven't made anything for a while, don't think my mojo is back from Barbados yet so I'm chilling!!

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starcyl said...

not seen you for a while Sandie, hope you're ok. You've been tagged so pop over to my blog and check it out.

Jenny x