Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Mildred and George card was a card I did on Greetings Card thingy, I was having a bit of a play with it and thought this looked ok, the tag thing on the corner looked better IRL cos the pictures cut off a bit so it looks like its stuck on but it wasn't!! anyway its a non cricut card for a change, I must say I much prefer my cricut efforts tho!!

Here's a little card I did for one of the cricut girls... Lin who was 30 (derrr obviously!!) this week, I'm into Retro at the moment so printed this off from a cd I bought yonks ago, I used some of the never ending supply of brown card left over from Russ and Lyndz's wedding invites, it looked a bit sad and boring so out came the dreaded PEELOFFS, gotta use em up girls! and you must admit it does look better for a little 'something' well that's my theory anyway!!

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Sara said...

I like the style of your cards. I'm guessing that you use a Robo Craft or something similar to craft them? Sara