Saturday, 3 January 2009

Okay, Okay... I know the cards are getting worse instead of better!! but I seem to have done everything arse about face, which is quite normal for me!! so I'm looking at the pics of cards from my yesteryear and am embarrassed to say these are some of the 'best' I use the term loosely!! so be patient with me, I did this on my cricut when I was deep in 'Invitation mode' and thought they looked quite good, sadly the victims I was making invites for DIDN'T agree!! so that was another 48 hours of my life wasted!! told you I was slow!

In my defense I 'designed' the paper for the card below on MyCraftStudio which I bought from C & C and a very clever piece of equipment it is to, however, it would have been cheaper to fly to Thailand..... make the paper there, fly home and make the card... A LOT CHEAPER!! I would imagine most of my 'creations' cost somewhere in the region of £85-150 that does include labour of course!! ANYWAY!! I like this artist somebody Van Klimt or Klop?? so I did this card for my daughter when she moved into her flat a couple of years ago, and her fav colours are turquoise and brown.... so voila!!

And now for the Peire resistance, oh, you know what I mean!! the ever famous TG (or Ampersand ) card, what I 'borrowed'... I did this for Tracy, No Hayley.... why do I ALWAYS call her Tracy???? that poor girl would probably like to strangulate me sometimes!! anyway.... for Hayley's (she's the lovely girl who does my roots for me!) friend who got married last year, she was very pleased with it and I thought it looked NEARLY as good as the original version!! for a quick squiff at the original go to Tracy's blog!! and I DO mean Tracy, not Hayley's blog!! confused? you will be!!


starcyl said...

Lovin the new home card and the ampersand card is better that the one I did! i didn't even bother to take a picture. You do some great stuff so stop bringing yourself down girl!!!
Jenny x

Julie said...

Some fantastic stuff on your blog Sandi keep up the wonderful pieces.