Friday, 2 January 2009

Apologies for these poor efforts, they are from way back when I first got my cricut and HAD to learn how to do an aperture card, being slightly crackers doesnt make it easy to learn new skills and this was no exception I assure you, but after a LOT of practicing I finally got it, and I must say I still like doing aperture cards, I think they personalise a card etc in a very special way!! you wont see another card like it in the £1 shop!!!!!

Right, I'm posting these very old cards cos I was very proud of them at the time.... it took me a seriously long time to get my head round doing the 4 aperture cards and I havent got a clue how I did it now.. so please don't anybody ask!!

I'm posting this 'Deco' style card cos I tried a bit of decoupage (not so as you'd notice tho!!) my daughters friends moved into a new flat and theyre very into red and black ( hmmmmm) and of course deco... I think they liked it, who knows!!!

Another 4 aperture card, for Angie who left to go to Northampton, and then got made redundant.. NICE!!

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starcyl said...

I've not done any aperture cards yet so will have to have a go and maybe show you the results, then again maybe not! Love art deco and it works so well with the black and red, haven't used my machine in weeks now so must start again.

Jenny x