Saturday, 3 January 2009

I think this card may be my first or possibly second 3 in 1 book card, I have made several more and that might have to be my New Years Resolution..... TO NEVER MAKE ANOTHER ONE!! I did like them at first but have gone right off them now, having said that you can bling them up and put lots of slushy sentiments in the little cards so maybe NOT!!

I just found this one in the archives, I made this card for Bev, she is also a hairdresser and a friend of Hayley... (not Tracy!) so...... Bev's daughter Stacy was getting married and she wanted a card from her daughters twins to their mum and dad on their wedding day, make sense???

I know the spelling of babies is wrong but I did it that way cos babies can't spell can they!! she wanted a black and white theme and I used my very favourite black embossed card which I assumed I could replace only to find it was discontinued and unavailable ... wish I'd known that before I used it!! this was of course cut out on my cricut!!

Front cover

The twins obviousley, arent they gorgeous!!

I don't actually remember where this was, but I'm presuming it was an insert over the pics of babies!!!!

and this is the inside of course!!! Bev was really pleased with it, I made the TG (Ampersand) card for the same couple, just so you know what I'm talking about!!!!

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gwyneth said...

This is lovely Sandie, the twins are so cute.