Thursday, 29 October 2009

Well I'm not sure, but I think I may have slipped into digital cardmaking or something, I've been off all week and done nothing but muck about with the various packages I have, this card looked ok on the screen but its not much in the flesh, I like the design side of digi work but not the finished article so much, having said that I'm no good at it... and it shows, I don't really know where I'm going with this but it seemed as if you could produce quick cards this way, turns out they're just as involved as anything on the Cricut really so I'm just going to enjoy playing with the various bits and bobs I have to hand, will have to invest in some tutorial cds for Paint Shop Pro x cos that baffles the life out of me!!
this has all been done in My Craft Studio with lots of elements from outside too, I did cut out the flowers cos it just looked too flat, anyway, this card is for me gorgeous daughter and please note NO RIBBON!! well I nearly put some on but resisted :(

This is another card using the various packages to make the picture on the front exactly as I wanted it, the couple having the baby are unknown to me so thought I'd better keep it simple but personalise it with their names, they know its a boy but thought I'd play safe just in case!! my baby was supposed to be about 7lbs she eventually emerged 9lb 4oz so doctors don't know EVERYTHING!! looking at this picture has made me realise how bad it is, what was I thinking? should have got my cricut out methinks!!

Sorry peeps, I've done this back to front again, the explanation is in the wrong place but if you're interested please read the next couple of posts, I'll try and get it right next time, but don't hold your breath!!
Finally.... this card is what I designed for the troops to send home to their loved ones and friends, I thought the image appropriate without being too depressing? the guns are pointing to the words to 'soften' the image a little, I showed the original to my SIL and she said it was a bit to 'moving' but she's far to polite to say its to 'bleak' maybe? but I took her point and made the background blue instead of the original grey, I'm still not sure if they are ok but went with my gut feeling that a lot of blokes don't want flowers and slushy stuff even if they are big softies underneath! DH say's they're alright so thats good enough for me cos he's 'well ard' hee hee...
so, if I get a load of abusive letters I'll know I got it wrong!

I did this one for the Manager at the local Matalan store who was extremely generous when I spent all the money I'd collected on warm socks, I was told by an ex serviceman that its flippin freezing at night out there and warm socks would be more appreciated than sweets etc! anyway the very nice man at Matalan pretty much doubled the amount of socks I bought so I thought a card was definitely in order!!

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well... I recently got involved with collecting for Christmas boxes for our troops in Afghanistan, I only had a week and was so pleased with the efforts some people put in I felt I should make a card for them, they're nothing outstanding but as I am using the packages I have I thought I'd show you what I'd done!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Here's a card I did for a lovely man at work who retired recently, as usual I made the card and forgot all about an envelope to fit it, I think I made a box for it but can't remember now!!