Thursday, 29 October 2009

Sorry peeps, I've done this back to front again, the explanation is in the wrong place but if you're interested please read the next couple of posts, I'll try and get it right next time, but don't hold your breath!!
Finally.... this card is what I designed for the troops to send home to their loved ones and friends, I thought the image appropriate without being too depressing? the guns are pointing to the words to 'soften' the image a little, I showed the original to my SIL and she said it was a bit to 'moving' but she's far to polite to say its to 'bleak' maybe? but I took her point and made the background blue instead of the original grey, I'm still not sure if they are ok but went with my gut feeling that a lot of blokes don't want flowers and slushy stuff even if they are big softies underneath! DH say's they're alright so thats good enough for me cos he's 'well ard' hee hee...
so, if I get a load of abusive letters I'll know I got it wrong!

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joolsedesigns said...

Sandy this is excellent Both my Sons are in the forces and the older has done a tour of Afghan and will be going back next year scary time for the families