Saturday, 12 June 2010

My neighbour Carol was 90 recently and I wanted to make her a bubble card but this one really did go horribly wrong, another one of my 'where did that come from' cards!! I really don't know what happened with this card, but the box was ok, Carol liked it bless her., hope I'm as brilliant as her if I get to 90!!!!!

My lovely DD went to New York and visited the police station while she was there, (she's a police officer in the Met) this guy Bobby sent her some police stuff and was very nice to her so I did this card for her to send to him by way of a Thank you

made this card for my work collegue Colin, (well his real name was Andrew but we nicknamed him Colin,) when we both got made redundant in November!!

I may have posted this one before but not sure, its one of my digital efforts and I'm not terribly impressed, looked gorguss on the screen tho!!

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