Sunday, 13 June 2010

Look who we found in our garden this morning, a terrified little deer!! she was keeping a very close eye on me whilst trying to find her way out, goodness knows how she got in our garden, anyway several hours later I think she has found a way out and hopefully gone home!! isn't she lovely :)this was a very quick card I made with my trusty cricut for one of DD's friends, I should have cut out the happy birthday bit but I was in a rush so fell back on the dreaded peel offs, she liked it anyway!
Suzi moved house recently so I made this for her again with my cricut, what a fantasic little machine he is :)


Sue Norris said...

This card was so thoughtful, thank you Sandie - just putting the house number on the front gave it that little something which made it my very favourite moving in card - will be treasured forever - it's GORGEOUS!

Sam said...

That house card is fantastic!!
Love SamG