Thursday, 16 September 2010

I like this card, I made it for my fwend Suzi, isnt Lola the cutest little girl :) I enjoyed doing this easle card and had to think about how I could use all the pics Suzi gave me as I loved all of them and just couldnt leave any out!! I was pleased with this card which is rare for me, the pictures make it for me!!


starcyl said...

Hi Sandie good to see you posting on your blog, it seems ages since the last one.
Greeat card and she's such a cutie.
Jenny x

Sam said...

This is great Sandie, good idea to do the fold out bits with the other pics on.

Angie said...

Love this card Sandie!
Will find out for sure how Jamie is going to be spelt.

Have added your link to my webpage.