Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hello girls, (sorry is that a bit sexist?) and boys too! well I hope you are all well, and keeping busy with crafting projects... I've been fairly busy too and am pleased with this little 'number' the girl I keep calling Tracy who is actually Hayley (she does my hair for me, luverly girl ) wanted a special card for a new arrival, I suggested a name book but she wanted pockets so I devised this for her! its all cut on my cricut... the baby girls name is Madison, I hope you can see from pic??? and there are lots of pockets and spaces for her mum to put pictures on, I'm secretly pleased with myself on this occasion but don't worry I shan't make a habit of getting to chuffed with myself!! I may put pics of the pages on later for my own vanity of course but obviously a certain amount of begging on your part would help speed up the process :)

Here's a card I did for a friend to give to her SIL, Annettes fav colours are dusty pinks and browns so this paper seemed to fit the bill, I decided instead of glitter I'd sew beads on and it looks ok to me! I've put SOME glitter on and a bit of bling of course! I've only made a couple of A4 cards but they're not as bad as I thought so hope my friend likes this card!!

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