Sunday, 30 November 2008

Claires 21st Birthday Book

This book was a labour of love, it was jinxed from the start and after many hours of everything going wrong I very nearly binned it and started again, I didn't however have time to do that so had to make the best of a bad job, again I was given lots of pictures and very little else so I just did my best and hoped it would be ok, apparantly Claire calls it her 'cry book' cos every time she looks at it she cry's..... is that good?? I suppose it means she likes it and it brings back lots of memories for her, I hope so! I tried to post the pics on in some sort of order so that it makes some sense, AND FAILED!! its all back to front but I'm sure if youre interested enough you'll figure it out :) oh and just so you know, Claire's nickname is MONKIE, so thats why thats there, and the back cover (1st picture in part 3) is a really funky photo of her in deep purple colours so I cut a wierd silver frame on Arnie (my cricut) and put it over the pic to form the back page!! I thought it looked quite good for an old fart... thats me of course, not Claire!!

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