Monday, 29 August 2011

I can't believe I'm putting this on but its gotta be worth a larf, my lovely DD was 30 in June and I decided in my wisdom to make her a cake, the idea was to have a 3 tier cake one tier per decade, the items on the layers are some of the things she loved in that decade, I decided to get the people made as I realised I would make a huge bodge up if I tried, (the cake was bad enough!) anyway it looks dreadful but she thought it was ok, she loved He Man when she was little and of course her Teddy (he still sits on her bed) so that was the first layer, the second was taken up with.... yes you guessed it, FOOTY all my hopes and dreams of a ballerina gone!! the Mini is the exact model of her first car, and finally she's now plod and the BMW is the best car she's had, she loved that car! sadly gone now and replace with a teeny weeny Toyota....
the cake may have looked dreadful but tasted pretty good according to everyone who had some, and boy was there a lot, it was a huge cake!!


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