Sunday, 26 July 2009

Evening all, is there anybody there??? nah didnt think so! so as usual chatting to myself again.. here's a card I did for another young lady approaching 16 and one of her favourite bands is 'Hey Monday' the lead singer is Cassadee (I think, can't remember now) so did a waterfall card in a trifold card but it was too fat to shut (know the feeling!) so had to put a ribbon closure on and it got a bit 'messy' after that! never mind hoping she'll like it anyway, I kinda liked the box best but should have put the ribbon on the pocket on reflection! don't think birthday cards are top of the list for most 16 year olds, isnt it telling us old farts how little we know and how much they DO know!! ah bless their little cotton socks they have so much to learn... hee hee!

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