Saturday, 11 July 2009

Oops, completely muffed this up, trying to update the pics, cos I changed the card below slightly and wanted to swap one picture for another but can't remember how to do it..... Hmmm, must have got in the wrong queue for the 'brains' too!!
I'll explain who's who cos if I'm confused you must be too... (like there's anyone our there! oh and by the way, I've done this all back to front again so be patient with me :)
Lou is my beautiful daughter, Soph is her friend, Lin is Soph's mum... got it? Great! then I'll continue, in my previous post I showed pics of cards I made for Lin's 60th birthday last week, she then asked me to make a card for a lady who's 104 next week, the lady loves Bingo so hence the 'Bingo' card, couldnt resist a bit of ribbon and bling tho :) she also wanted a card for her friend Steve who's 60 and golf mad, hence the dodgy golf card (not very impressed with this one!!) and Steve's Mum who is 80 the same day as him and loves...... yeah, you got it Frank Sinatra so I made her a card with Bing Crosby on.... ha ha, I bet you had another look to see if I'd done it wrong didn't you???? just pulling yer leg!! well as you can see, nothing spectacular I'm afraid but, I did these 'faster than a speeding bullet' well for me anyway, I did make a nice card which turned into a book for Lou's birthday but haven't posted it yet.... well, must get on I've got loads more to do so thanks for dropping by xx

I changed my mind and put them in the right order just to confuse you :)

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