Sunday, 26 July 2009

This picture should have been in the previous/next/wherever post but some idiot la la lalala la la put it here in the WRONG place.... now WHO could have done such a stupid thing... hmmmmm!

this is another card for the same girl (Hannah) but not so elaborate, just a little card from my friend Suzi to send to her daughters best friend, I found out after I'd made the other card that her favourite colour is yellow and her fav band is Panadol or something beginning with 'P' ( I'd probably need a couple of Panadol's if I heard the band!!) so the card is covered in a print of the front of the bands album which I'm presuming is called Riot!!!! luckily it sort of lead to a yellowy kind of colour so hopefully that'll go down well too!!
I'm also pleased to say that Meggie, (2 of my previous efforts for Suzi) was chuffed to bits with her cards so that made all the effort well worth it!!


TG said...

Fab cards hun,i'm sure the recipients will love em!
Hugs T x

Highvoltage said...

They are better than FAB!
One is from Loz (my daughter) for her best mate - and she deosn't want her to have it - she wants to keep it herself
Im not joking
Then when she saw the one Sandie made for me to give her best mate, she couldnt believe it - she didnt think anyone could think of such a thing - OMG Paramore's (Not Panadol's LOL)album cover on a card!! With all Hannah's favourite colours
They are awesome. I truly mean this. U r making all my friends nieces daughter's mates - all their birthday's unique and special - I mean - how do u price that? When it's PRICELESS!xx