Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Strewth I'm exhausted now! I've made more cards this week than ever, only 4 more to go and then I'm having a break.... ha ha ha ha ASIF!! these two are for a soon to be 16 year old who loves, Pirates of the Carribean, Brittany Spears, Hippo's and Disney stuff so....... 1st card is Brittany in a slider card, and the 2nd is a waterfall book with various pics of all her fav things!! I'm delivering them to the lady who ordered them tomorrow so hope she likes them!! I'll post pics of the waterfall book later cos I've got to nuke some dinner now!!

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Highvoltage said...

OMG! Sandie, you are TALENTED man - this card is absolutely fantastic. You are full of ideas - like a bursting volcano - it just fills the room! the world
U r amazzzzzzzzzzzzing. This card meant the world to my niece - I hope im allowed to make comments - cos man I got loads to say
Apart from the fact im 43 and never seen in my life - such fantastic cards.
Thank you for making Meg's 16th so bloody special xxxxxxxxx