Sunday, 15 March 2009

For goodness sake you lot stop pestering me for my latest design, I can't take all this pressure to keep coming up with fablus new creations day after day...... IF ONLY!! well there's no-one out there so I can be as daft as I like and talk absolute garbage! I know I made a card very similar to this last week, but I really, really like this burgundy card and decided to make Hayley a birthday card, its her hubbies birthday the day before hers so I've done them a joint card... TIGHT COW!!
Now please just be patient everybody, I'll have a gorgus new creation tomorrow.... cackle cackle!!!


joolsedesigns said...

this card is gorgeous love the colours

starcyl said...

Lovely colours and I like your style, one card for two birthdays! Mine is in October so plenty of planning time :)

TG said...

Gorgeous card Sandie, it's two weeks tomorrow (my birthday), so that should give you enough time. :) Hugs T x